Saturday, April 4, 2020

FOR SALE: Herz Model "F"

Offered by Antiquarian Keyboard Instruments: Double manual harpsichord number 81, made by Eric Herz, 1969; FF-ggg, 16'x8'x8'x4'/nasale; buff stop on 16'x8'x8'. Restored to concert ready condition by Dale Munschy, spring, 2020. This instrument has been restrung in Roslau polished steel wire and Little Falls Alloys brass, and voiced in black Delrin plectra. The keyboards have been overhauled, and the front key bushings have been replaced. The plastic jacks are the originals, however, the plastic tongue springs have been replaced with easily adjustable yellow brass springs. The case and components are in pristine condition. Reverse keyboard with ebony capped naturals and bone capped accidentals. Asking $18,500.

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Yves Beaupré Italian

Before and after a complete restoration.

Single after Mietke

This single manual after Mietke, made in 1993 by Richard Auber and Jake Kaeser, was in my workshop for voicing and action work. A perfectly crafted instrument, it is now a part of the collection of historical keyboard instruments at the Juilliard School of Music.

Pleyel Harpsichord

This instrument arrived in my workshop with a multitude of problems. Specifically, the tuning screw assemblies, as a result of having been previously lubricated with an unknown substance, were corroded and frozen in place. This necessitated their careful removal, cleaning and re-installation. As is typical with many Landowska model Pleyels, the nuts carrying the 16' strings became separated from the 8' nuts, and had to be reattached. After correcting these and other issues, the instrument was newly voiced in leather, and it plays and sounds splendidly.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

John Challis double manual harpsichord #48

This amazing example of engineering excellence wandered into my workshop for some TLC. Made in 1944, it returned to the Challis workshop in 1960 for modification, where the original tongues, slotted for leather plectra, were replaced with Delrin plastic tongues slotted for Delrin plectra. The jack bodies appear to be the originals. Following a complete voicing and action regulation, it plays and sounds splendidly. Its registration is 16'x8'x8'x4', with buff stops on both 8' registers. It has seven pedals to change the registration. Pictured is the full instrument, and details of the keywell with action removed.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Adam & William Geib square piano #6247

This instrument, made in 1825, arrived in my workshop in abysmal condition, having undergone a previous restoration of very poor quality. It had been restrung in modern steel wire, and none of the action components had been properly hinged or installed. The original leather hinges had been removed replaced with modern piano stringing braid glued to the tops of the hammer, underhammer and damper levers. The bridge was lifted from the soundboard, and broken into 5 pieces at the treble curve.
After a painstaking restoration, it sounds and plays magnificently.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Eric Herz model "S" for sale (SOLD)

Eric Herz model "S" number 136, made in 1968, AA-fff, 8'x4'/buff, non transposing, solid cherry case and components in pristine condition. Completely restored by me, 2018. Restrung in Röslau German steel and Instrument Workshop brass. Original Herz jack bodies have been adapted to accommodate Hubbard tongues. Voiced in black Delrin plectra. Perfect playing condition, extremely stable. Includes matching bench, canvas cover and basic tool kit. Asking $4,500.

Thursday, April 26, 2018

T. Tomkison square piano

This instrument by Thomas Tomkison, #6464, made in 1823, arrived in  my workshop in deplorable condition. It appears that some form of wildlife had taken up residence in it, and apparently lived comfortably judging by the large amount of leaves, twigs, nuts and berries they left behind.
Not content with only leaves and twigs to build a comfortable nest or nuts and berries to eat, they also chewed away at the top 12 or so hammers and half of the lid prop stick.
After a great degree of restorative work, it sounds and plays magnificently, and has been returned to the Prescott House Museum on Beacon Street, Boston.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Longman & Broderip square piano #214, circa 1784.

 Came across this in my travels. Unrestored, in pristine, original condition. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Clementi Square Piano #14537

Yet another Clementi square, rescued from a run-down apartment complex, fully restored and ready for delivery to its new home.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Clementi Square Piano

I've completed the restoration of this Muzio Clementi square, maker's number 9942, circa 1811.
With the exception of the original hammer coverings, which have been preserved, the action has been completely re-leathered.  It has been restrung in Malcolm Rose English brass and iron, and I fabricated new overspun bass strings. Much of the ebony and brass inlay was missing, and has been replicated. The original dampers had been removed at some point, and I have used a set from an Astor square which was beyond any hope of restoration.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Hubbard French double for sale (SOLD)

Concert quality instrument.
Completely restored by Dale Munschy, 2017. Strung in Rose wire, voicing in black Delrin plectra. 8'x8'x4'/buff, FF-fff, 392/415/440 transposing. Originally a non-transposing, 63 note instrument, five full octaves are available in any transposed keyboard position.
Excellent balance and contrast between 8' registers.
Precise, reliable action, very full sound.
Burgundy red with cream colored banding; 6 screw-in fluted legs.
Includes tool kit, replacement strings, plectra and damper cloth.
Asking $10,000.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

John Broadwood & Sons square piano for sale (SOLD)

Square piano by John Broadwood & Sons, maker's number 14087, circa 1809. 68 notes, FF-c''''. Previously restored with modern cloth and wire. All action parts and case hardware (hammers, underlevers, dampers, damper levers, key coverings, hinges, etc.) original and complete. Missing collapsible music desk. Typical case twisting, with attempted repair (turnbuckles and cables on instrument bottom). Veneer and case components in overall very good, original condition. Case structure and action in need of extensive restoration.
Will deliver within a 400 mile radius of Boston, MA for a reasonable fee.
$1,000, or a reasonable offer.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Overspun bass string winding machine

I am now able to produce overspun wires up to 76" in length.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hugh Gough Italian, 1956

A little gem from London.

French double after Moermans, Andrew Wooderson

This is, perhaps, the most perfectly made instrument to pass through my workshop. It has been restrung in Malcolm Rose English iron and brass, voiced in black Delrin plectra, with new dampers and a thorough action regulation. 

Dowd French Double, #81, 1965

It's always a joy to work on instruments made by Dowd, as they are so beautifully and perfectly crafted. This one has been restrung and voiced in black Delrin plectra. A lovely, classic revival instrument by the Dean of American harpsichord builders.