Thursday, March 12, 2009

"The other side's culture!"

This picture was taken August 31, 2008, in Newark, Vermont, by the first of my followers.
Sounds rather cultish, wouldn't you agree?
Anyway, this was the year that I made good on a repeated promise that I had made to our host, the ruddy, mustachioed gentleman standing directly behind me, to bring an instrument to a Pig Roast in The Big Woods.
I'm playing my Opus II harpsichord (now residing outside of Detroit, Michigan), for perhaps the most diverse, appreciative group of people for whom I have ever played.
White collar, blue collar, no collar.
They were all there.

Stodart Compensator Grand, no. 7388

After a bit more research, I have been able to narrow down the year that the Stodart was built to be between 1827-1828.