Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stodart/Pitch raising

Two bits of good news:
First, the Stodart did not explode, implode, or otherwise self-destruct after the first pitch raising.
The wrestplank insert, tubes, rails and pressure bars seem to be secure.
So far.
Second, the instrument sang for the first time tonight in many, many years.
My educated guess is that this instrument has been in a state of disrepair for at least 100 years, silent and unplayable.
There remains a great deal more work to be done, specifically, on the action and damper system, however, no words can express the degree of gratification I experienced by playing little more than a few arpeggios and chords on this fascinating piece of musical history.


Having completed restringing and installing the compensating tubes, hitchpin rails and pressure braces, the instrument is now ready to be gradually brought up to pitch, ultimately, A430.
Thus far, the wrestplank insert is showing no signs of failure; then again, it could very well blow up in my face once the strings are fully tensioned.