Monday, August 4, 2014

Jacob Kirckman bentside spinet, 1750, for sale. (SOLD)

This instrument had undergone a previous restoration of very poor quality. The keyframe cloth was replaced with the wrong type of cloth, as were the keylever jack cushions, and it was strung in steel. Additionally, the soundboard appears to have been re-coated with a heavy varnish. Fortunately, most of its original components were present and intact, and the previous work done to it was easily corrected.
The action cloth was replaced with Graham Walker wool, it has been restrung in an historically accurate scale with Malcolm Rose English brass & iron, and has been quilled in Canadian goose.
It is in excellent playing condition, and holds its tune quite well.
Offered for sale. Please contact me at for inquiries and details.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Willard Martin, 1989, after Mersenne

This instrument arrived in my workshop in tough shape. Many strings had been replaced, and the voicing and damping was uneven. After a complete restringing, new voicing in white Delrin, and thorough action regulation, it has been transformed into an instrument which I will be sad to have to part with. This instrument belongs to the Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, PA.
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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Viennese fortepiano

This instrument was made by John R. Bennett and Jake Kaeser in Stonington, CT., 1979.
It has been restrung in Malcolm Rose English iron and brass, and the hammers have been re-leathered.
Additionally, the escapement lever cushions were removed and replaced, substantially reducing the sound of the lever's return to rest position. The damper system also required a complete overhaul, and the action has been meticulously restored and regulated.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Dowd French double manual harpsichord

This instrument was restored by me for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
William Dowd, FF-fff, 415/440 transposing, instrument number 279, 1973.
Restrung, plastic jacks/registers replaced by wooden jacks/registers furnished by Jake Kaeser.

Broadwood square piano

Pictured are before and after photos of the restored John Broadwood & Sons square piano, circa 1819.

William Post Ross English Double

This instrument arrived in my workshop in unplayable condition. The lead weights in the rear of the key levers had expanded to the point where the keys were binding together. Not a single key was functioning. Additionally, the old style Hubbard jacks were badly warped, and the strings were badly rusted.
It has been restrung, and the jacks and registers have been replaced with wooden jacks furnished by Jake Kaeser.
Originally an FF-g''' non-transposing instrument, it has been converted to an FF-f''' 415/440 transposing instrument.
Pictured are the keyboards prior to restoration, and a view of the restored instrument.