Thursday, September 17, 2009

Broadwood Square Piano

The front view and nameboard of the 1795 Broadwood square piano, maker's number 2998, on which I performed some technical work for Glenn Giuttari's Harpsichord Clearing House, in preparation for delivery to its new owner. The instrument, save for 4 wound and 1 brass string, is entirely in its original, quite playable condition. A very small dab of Hoppe's no. 9 Premium Gun Oil on each damper lever successfully and efficiently brought them to a nearly perfect working condition, as several were quite sluggish or entirely inoperable. I cautiously set the pitch of the instrument at A392, as there is a very slight twisting of the case, a common square piano "disease." The instrument, however, is very stable, and, with luck, will continue to offer joy and solace to its listeners and players for another 209 years.

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