Saturday, January 2, 2010

Opus IV hitchpin rail

The bridges, 4' hitchpin rail, and soundboard have now been marked and installed.  Pictured above is the installation of the 8' hitchpin rail, which is comprised of two separate sections, and the inner case molding at the treble end.
As is the case with many instrument makers and craftsmen, I am loathe to dispose of even the most trivial bits and pieces of wood, ivory, and potentially useful bits and pieces of instruments that I have acquired over the years.
While a few of these instruments have been disposed of, as they were not in a state where restoration was practical or even possible, I managed to locate a simple, brass rose which I salvaged from a poorly constructed,
incomplete Zuckermann straight side, commonly known as a "Z Box."

I hope that it would offer the well intentioned maker of this instrument some consolation in knowing that while his instrument is no longer in existence, at least one small part of it shall live on in the instrument which I am now building.

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