Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hubbard/Stein fortepiano, wood to metal kapsel conversion

Pictured is the action of a Hubbard fortepiano, after Stein, 1784, built by Mary Sadovnikoff, 1976. The wooden kapsels, being loose, wobbly, and completely unreliable, have been replaced with nickel plated brass kapsels. (Click on images to enlarge)


  1. Stein never used brass kapsels! So you have "restored" an instrument to a state it never had. I made my Hubbard Stein in 1979 and the wooden kapsels are still in a very good condition. Brass kapsels are typically Walter, after1790.

  2. I am very well aware of the type of kapsels used in a Stein. The existing wooden kapsels were poorly installed, loose at both the base of the key and the top of the stem. Furthermore, the bushings in the wooden kapsels were extremely loose. This was the best option available, and was requested by the owner of the instrument. FYI- I am also aware of the Walter type kapsel, as I have a Walter copy (Chris Maene, 1995) sitting 10 feet away from me. You are fortunate that your wooden kapsels function well, and must have installed them properly.